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Property System in Turkey

Property System In Turkey, ownership of immovable property is acquired only after it is registered in the land registry. For this purpose, after the buyer and seller mutually sign the official deed showing the real purchase price of the immovable at the land registry offices, it is registered in the name of the buyer in the land registry.

The land registry is protected under the responsibility of the state, according to the principles of registration and openness. The status of immovables and the rights on them are included in the land registry.

Restrictions on Foreigners Acquiring Property

A foreign real person may purchase a maximum of 30,000 m2 of real estate and acquire limited real rights.

Real persons of foreign nationality may acquire real estate and limited real rights up to 10% of the area of the district where the real estate is purchased. This issue is controlled by the General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre.

In the acquisition of foreign nationals, this amount will be questioned by the land registry directorate.

Rights Other than Real Estate Ownership

A – Easement Rights


Beneficial interest

It grants the right to use and benefit from the immovable depending on the person. There is no authority to dispose (sell the immovable). It is established by registration in the land registry.

Right of Residence

A right that authorizes a certain person to live in a certain building or part of it as a residence. Established by registration in the land registry for immovable property

Land Dependent



Source Right

Person and Land Dependent 

Construction Right

It gives a specific person the right to build on land belonging to someone else. It is recorded on a separate page in the land registry for at least 30 years.

B- Immovable Burden

C-Rights of Custody

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