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What is the difference between citizenship and residency in Turkey?

Posted by admin on 2022-10-03

The difference between Turkish citizenship and residency is still unclear to many people. And many others believe that residency with Turkish citizenship is actually one thing.

Since 2012, the benefits of residence and citizenship in Turkey have been chosen not only by Iranian citizens, but also by citizens of many other European and Arab countries such as England, Ireland, Holland, Denmark, Australia, Norway, France, and the Arabian Gulf to live in Turkey.

There are many people who do not know the difference between citizenship and residence in Turkey. This often leads to abuse when buying property in Turkey.

This article tries to examine all the differences between citizenship and residency in Turkey.

What does residence mean?

To understand the difference between citizenship and Turkish citizenship, I must first tell you something about life. If we look at the literal meaning of stay, we will find that stay means to stay in a place.

That is, while the residence law refers to the legal relationship between the state and the individual. In the meantime, if we want to talk about the word residence, we must point out that residence means the legal residence of a person in a country like Turkey.

For example, we must point out that the residence of an Iranian citizen in Turkey means the same postal address entered in the individual’s national card.

If you look at European countries, you will see that the official address of a citizen of a country is officially registered in the population and population of that country based on the identification code of the person.

In Turkey, all banks and government systems have access to people’s addresses based on people’s identification codes. This is if the person’s address is not registered, the person will be fined.

The difference between residency and Turkish citizenship

Citizenship, as the name suggests, is for your legal purposes in any country. The Turkish residence and residence card is only for staying in Turkey for a certain period of time.

There are many ways to stay in Turkey, from tourist stays to study stays. But all these residences are temporary and not indefinitely like the Turkish passport.

Citizenship privileges and its difference with residence in Turkey

Turkish citizenship is only possible with a Turkish passport and has privileges. These privileges include unlimited entry and exit to Turkey at any time.

Another advantage is working in Turkey, so in addition to having a Turkish passport, you can easily work in Turkey. You can even work in jobs that are forbidden to foreigners.

Another option you can have as a citizen is to get a loan from a Turkish bank. Other options for Turkish citizenship include voting, government insurance, etc.

Obtaining citizenship through residence in Turkey

Many sites state in their advertisements that you can apply for a Turkish passport by buying a property for $400,000 within five years.

 This is fundamentally wrong and impossible to do. Turkish immigration law specifies that you will not be granted a Turkish passport unless you purchase a property in Turkey for $400,000 to obtain Turkish citizenship.

Even if you buy the property in installments, you cannot apply for a passport until it reaches $400,000. But if you buy a property below this amount, you will be granted a one-year short-term residence permit and you can renew it annually.

Of course, he added that by buying a property for $400,000, you and your family (wife and children under 18) can get Turkish passports.

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