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Terms of Use

The website named (hereinafter referred to as The activities provided on are provided by Ege Gayrimenkul Bilişim ve İnşaat AŞ (hereinafter referred to as EGE GAYRİMENKUL) and the legal owner of the SITE is Ege Gayrimenkul Bilişim ve İnşaat A.Ş.


User : Anyone who visits the Website through any platform is a user.  All information and conditions regarding the membership of users through the site are subject to these terms of use.

Site :  address.

Mobile application : Software that is coded and specially designed by integrating into the operating systems of smart devices (phones, tablets, etc.).

1- These terms of use and all amendments made are made available to users by taking place on the SITE.

2- Users must be over 18 years of age and must not be persons with rights and capacity to act. Users declare that they have read, understood and accepted the terms written in all terms of use.

3- Users will be able to access the services on the SITE by obtaining a username and password.

4- Each member is obliged to protect his/her username and password. He/she is solely responsible for all transactions realized with this information. Member ID and password shall be used exclusively by the member. The member will not share his/her member ID with others and will not allow the use of persons outside his/her business.  Each member accepts, declares and undertakes that such use will cause irreparable damage to the site and that it will compensate for the damage incurred if it allows such use.

5- will be able to communicate with the customer for commercial purposes if the user accepts explicit consent to be contacted by through the website or mobile application via e-mail address or telephone for purposes such as advertising and promotion.

6- The user has the right to easily unsubscribe from the commercial electronic message sending list by clicking on the link “If you do not want to be notified of campaign announcements, please click.” at the bottom of the e-mails sent by

7- In the event that the user name and password of the member is captured by third parties or the member is prevented from accessing the SITE, the member shall immediately notify the SITE.

8- The user accepts and declares that the real estate, land, sales price and title deed information on the SITE is not in the nature of a proposal and that all this information is for general information purposes. The User declares and undertakes that he/she is responsible for all procedures and transactions that he/she needs to do in order to initiate the purchase process regarding the advertisements on the SITE and that he/she does not impose any responsibility on the SITE in this regard.

9- The User or Members declare and undertake that they will not take actions that are against morality and will affect public order in their transactions on the SITE, will act in accordance with the current legal rules and will act in accordance with these terms of use. 

10- In the event that users violate the terms written in the terms of use with unlawful behavior, has the right to freeze the user / member’s account and restrict access to the site / mobile application.

11- Users may perform transactions on the SITE in accordance with the law. The legal     and criminal responsibilities arising from these transactions belong entirely to the user. The legal and criminal liability in every transaction and action of the users through the SITE belongs to them. The User declares and accepts that has no responsibility for all transactions and wrongful acts of users that bring legal and criminal liability.

12- Users cannot claim any rights against in case of leaving the membership.

13- makes every effort and endeavor to ensure that all information on the site is complete and accurate and that the service it provides is not interrupted and continues at a certain quality standard. is not responsible for all problems arising from technical problems and other force majeure events beyond the control of

14- has created the technical infrastructure of the site by using all the possibilities of technology. is not responsible for any direct or indirect damages arising from the unlawful intentional use of information and other data programs on the site by third parties.


APPLICATION CONTENT does not accept any legal and criminal liability that may arise from users entering the website or mobile application using personal information such as IP address, e-mail address, username belonging to someone else and becoming a member with this information and is not responsible for any direct or indirect damages arising therefrom. carries the real estate fair to the digital environment and markets real estates and construction projects in three-dimensional digital environment.   

  Due to unfair actions such as unauthorized use, taking, publishing, modification of the specified rights and licenses by third parties, will take all kinds of legal remedies and will be compensated for all damages incurred.

No interface, content database, design, text, image, html code and other code and software, including text, image, html code and other code and software on the website or mobile application may be translated into another language, republished, uploaded to another computer, posted, transmitted, presented or distributed, or made into a work. 

  1. The user shall not take any reverse technical action in the use of the site or take any other action for the purpose of finding or obtaining their source code, violate the security of any computer network, break security encryption codes, spam mail or malware attempts.
  2. Users accept in advance that if they intervene otherwise in violation of all these specified rights, they will be responsible for the damages that will arise before mü and 3rd Parties, that legal, administrative and criminal proceedings will be taken against them, that they will be responsible for all expenses, attorney’s fees and material and moral damages arising from them, and that these situations will be recourse to them.

3- may unilaterally change these “Terms of Use” at any time by announcing them on its website/mobile application. The amended provisions of the Terms of Use shall enter into force on the date of their announcement.

4- Turkish Law shall apply in the application and interpretation of the Terms of Use and in legal disputes arising therefrom, even if there is a foreign element. Istanbul Courts and Enforcement Offices are authorized to settle any disputes arising or that may arise from these “Terms of Use”.

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