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Виды налогов в Турции

taxes in Turkey  : As you know, taxes are the driving force of a country. In fact, by paying taxes, you can help the growth of your country. By paying taxes, businesses and companies have actually helped themselves, because by paying taxes, they grow their business. Also, by paying taxes, you can get special facilities for your company and business.

The country of Turkey also collects this cost by receiving direct or indirect taxes from the people who work with this government and spends it on the expenses of the country’s administration.

The tax system of Turkey is very precise and systematic and it does not matter if you are a citizen of Turkey or a foreign citizen of Turkey, people who have business in their country will be taxed.

If you don’t pay the taxes of this country, you will be dealt with a lot, so if you have an economic activity in Turkey, contact a legal consultant and ask him for advice.

In general, the types of taxes in Turkey are divided into 3 categories, which we will describe below.

  • income tax
  • Expenditure tax
  • Property tax

What is property tax?

Property tax will be levied on your assets. For example, this type of tax in Turkey will be levied on real estate, inheritance, endowments and generally any property you have.

The percentage of tax in Turkey will be charged from 0.1 to 0.6. This is if you have an empty land and no construction has been done in it, you will be exempt from tax.

And if you have a residential property, you must pay 0.1 of the total amount of the property as tax to the government of this country, and also if the commercial property is in your name, you must pay tax of 0.2 of the total amount of the property.

It is very significant that if your property is close to the municipality and the metro, you have to pay almost double the amount of tax.

Keep in mind that if you have purchased an apartment in Turkey, both the buyer and the seller must pay taxes for the total amount of the apartment. 8.4 and the tax may change based on the property price. keep in mind

What is income tax?

One of the most important taxes received in Turkey is income tax. Income tax is not only in Turkey, but in all countries, it is very important to governments.

In general, this tax includes wages from  work in Turkey , income from renting a house, and profit from the sale of shares.

In this case, whether you are a citizen of Turkey and are employed somewhere, or you are a resident of Turkey and are employed with SGK insurance, the tax will be included on you.

Note that taxes, like insurance premiums, are deducted from your salary before the salary is paid.

In this case, you don’t have to pay taxes after receiving your salary.

In general, income tax is calculated through the following table.

The amount of annual incomeAnnual tax rate
Up to 24 thousand liras15 percent
24 to 53 thousand liras20
53 to 190 thousand liras27 percent
190 to 650 thousand liras35 percent
650 thousand liras and above40 percent

In the second method, you register a company in Turkey and start working.

In this case, the tax you pay is between 20 and 25 percent of the company’s net income.

Also, you pay a third of the company’s rent as a tax to the Turkish government.

What is an expense tax?

One of the taxes that you may have to deal with frequently in Turkey is the cost tax or KDV. If you live in Turkey, you have seen the KDV option many times on purchase invoices.

The rate of this tax is between 1% and 23% of the total value of your expenses, but in general, it is 18% for supermarket purchases and 23% for rented cars.

Also, in Turkey, a tax is deducted for bank transfers, which depends on the amount of the transfer fee, the right to cancel the stamp, like contracts, agreements, notes and investment partnership papers, includes the fee tax.

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