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Pendik district of Istanbul

Posted by admin on 2022-10-03

Pendik is one of the easternmost areas of Istanbul. Due to its neighborhood with the Sea of ​​Marmara, it can bring a beautiful view to its residents

 In recent years, due to the modern constructions in this area, it has become one of the most popular areas for buying a house and investing in real estate. The existence of Sahbia Airport in this area and the Kadikoy subway can be one of the priorities for choosing the area.

 Public transportation in this area is Pendik’s strong point, the largest train station in Istanbul, Pendik Skeleton Marine Station can handle a large part of the transportation in this area. Pendik area is one of the coastal and touristic areas of Istanbul, where Kanyaraja Park Nature Museum, Pendik Beach Park, Children’s Park, Bird Park, Gozel Yali Park, Portrait Beach, New Marine Mall, Dubai Mall, Alif, Esen Yali are among the tourist places. It is pendik.

 Buying a property in this area can be the first priority of buyers. The presence of an airport and a train station in this area, as well as the subway, make buying a property in this area the first priority of buyers.

Pendik district in Istanbul  is on  the Asian side of Istanbul  , along the Sea of ​​Marmara, it is located on the left side of Tuzla district, neighboring the city of Kuchai. It was a small town before the late 1990s. Since then, it has become a modern city.

After the last fire incident, he invited environmental engineers from Paris.

Pendique was rebuilt by Parisian engineers and became the city’s first planned town.

Pendik neighborhood in Istanbul  was a small fishing town until the 1960s. At that time, residents of the city would come to Pendik by train, buy meat from a famous butcher located next to the train station, and have a picnic in the city.

Pendik  never changed until the late 1990s.

The Pendik district has a strong transportation network with the Marmara Metro connecting the European parts of Istanbul to the Asian side.

There are amusement parks, supermarkets and shopping malls, restaurants and hotels and cinemas, which give high incentives for housing and stability to the residents of residential complexes.Pendik district in Istanbul

Living in Pendik neighborhood of Istanbul

Pendik is one of the Asian areas of Istanbul at the easternmost point of this city

The neighbors of Pendik region are as follows:

  • From the south with the Sea of ​​Marmara
  •  from the west with Kartal region 
  • From the northwest with the area of ​​Sultan Bi Li
  •  From the east with the Gobs region
  • From the north with the forests of the city of Istanbul in the Shile area

The history of the creation of the Pendik region dates back to the Roman and Byzantine Empires, when it was known as Pantichion.

In the Ottoman period, it was renamed to the current name of  Pendik  .

Pendik region  has an area  of ​​about 200 km, of which 9 km is the coastal road.

Pendik region is generally known as a rough region. Omerli  , which is one of the largest water sources in Istanbul, is located on the borders of Pendik region.

Pendik is a gateway between the rainy climate of the Black Sea and the temperate climate of the Mediterranean Sea.

Strong winds from the Balkan Peninsula in winter and rainy weather from the Black Sea show their effect in this region.

Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen International Airport  is another important feature of the region. This airport received the award of the most successful investment in tourism in Turkey in 2010.

After two important investments, Istanbul Park and  Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen Airport, Viaport shopping center was built.

Access to Pendik area

  • The distance to Taksim Square is 35 km
  • Distance to Kapali Charshi market is 33 km
  • The distance to Istanbul airport is 70 km
  • The distance to Sabiha Gokchen Airport is 3 km

Pendik district in Istanbul

Medical services in Pendik region

There are 23 health centers in Pendik region, as well as 1 family and maternal health and planning center and 1 medical and laboratory center.

The largest teaching and research hospital of Marmara University, Pendik, serves as the largest hospital in the Asian part with 540 beds.

4 private hospitals, 8 polyclinics, 8 medical centers, 5 dental clinics with more than 100 doctors, 41 laboratories, 2 dialysis centers and 144 pharmacies are ready to serve in this area.

Regional hospitals

Hospital nameDegreePhoneAddress
Marmara Üniversitesi Eğitim ve Araştırma Hastanesi
Marmara University of Medical Sciences Hospital
university02166570606Mimar Sinan Caddesi No:41 Üst Kaynarca Fevzi Çakmak Mahallesi – Pendik – İstanbul
private hospital
private02163909243Bahçelievler Mah. Zıpkın Sok. 10 Pendik, İstanbul
Private Hospital
private02164448854Doğu Mah. Bilge Sok. 1 Pendik, İstanbul
State Hospital
Governmental02164912937Batı Mah. Dr. Orhan Maltepe Cad. 17 Pendik, Istanbul

Life in Istanbul Pendik

Istanbul Park is a racing track located in Pendik.

Receives Formula 1 and MotoGP. The total capacity is over 120,000 and is famous for Turn 8 aka Diabolica, which is a legendary corner of the race track.

Many shopping malls and hotels were built after Istanbul Park.

The last project leaving the region is Marnin Turk Istanbul City Port. Apart from being a marina, it has a commercial area where companies from various sectors are present.

Also, there are cafes and restaurants by the sea that provide a happy atmosphere.

All neighborhoods of Pendik district in Istanbul

Pendik area in the Asian part of Istanbul. It is located on the shores of the Sea of ​​Marmara and in the neighborhood  of Kartal  and Tuzla.

An important area that is only 15 minutes away from Sibiha Airport.

Pendik is a developing region that has caused many foreign and domestic investors to have a great desire to buy property due to property prices that will grow significantly in the near future.

Pendik is a key area for access to public transportation such as Marmara metro and tram.

The area surrounded by the Sea of ​​Marmara and Mount Idos.

It also has sea transportation to Princes Islands, Bursa and Yalova. Contact us for more information.

Eastern neighborhoodDoğu MahallesiChinar Dareh neighborhoodÇınardere
Kaynarja neighborhoodKaynarcaGol Baghlar neighborhoodGüllübağlar
Ahmadisavi neighborhoodAhmet YeseviFozi Chekmak neighborhoodFevzi Çakmak
Sniyali neighborhoodEsenyalıOrta neighborhoodOrta Mahallesi
Guzel Yali neighborhoodGüzelyalıWestern neighborhoodBatı Mahallesi
Jam Cheshme neighborhoodÇamçeşmeLee Oller Garden neighborhoodBahçelievler
Yayalar neighborhoodYayalarFatih neighborhoodFatih Mahallesi
Sneller neighborhoodEsenlerSepan Baghlar neighborhoodSapanbağları
Wali Baba neighborhoodVelibabaYeni neighborhoodYeni Mahalle
Solon Tepe neighborhoodSülüntepeYeshil Baghlar neighborhoodYeşilbağlar
Khoraman Dareh neighborhoodHarmandereDomlo Pinar neighborhoodDumlupınar
Yeni Shahir neighborhoodYenişehirErtugrul Qazi neighborhoodErtuğrul Gazi
Court Coy neighborhoodKurtköyOrhan Ghazi neighborhoodOrhangazi
Kavak Pinar neighborhoodKavakpınarIndustries neighborhoodSanayi Mahallesi
Shiheil neighborhoodŞeyhliRamzan Oglu neighborhoodRamazanoğlu
Chamlik neighborhoodÇamlık Mahallesi 

Pendik  Bazaar

On Saturdays, a horse is launched, a traditional event for the residents of the region. It is located along the coast.

The market offers various and cheap goods. If you like markets and shopping,  Pendik  Bazaar can be a good event.

You can spend the whole day in Pendik but it is definitely worth it. There are buses and minibuses from  Kadıköy  and a bus from Liişli on the European side.

As an alternative and faster option, you can take a metro from  Kadıköy  to Kartal and then take a Dolmush (dolmuş) or minibus to Pendik.

Many Bosnian immigrants live in Pendik. Even, there is a neighborhood where all Bosniaks are gathered

They have a traditional dish called Suho Meso, which is dry meat. Bosnians usually eat Suho Meso with rice, dry beans and put them aside for cooking, put eggs in the pan and add Suho Meso while cooking the egg, along with it for breakfast.

You can find Suho Meso in only two locations in Istanbul.

Gaziosmanpaşa and Pendik. In Gaziosmanpaşa they are sold in butchers and in Pendik in markets.

The districts of the Asian part of Istanbul, which are located in Istanbul province from Marmara district.

According to the latest census in 2012, this district has a population of 625,797.

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